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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Like Attracts Like!

Like attracts like. Is that a thing? If you are a shameless hustler, you attract shameless hustlers. If you are a film-flammer, film-flammers flock to you like flies.

Trump's campaign is a collection of hustlers, film-flammers, the dregs of the dregs of the political cesspool. It must be a real trip to be a reporter and to follow these folks on the campaign trail.

Ryan Lizza has an insider look at the Trump campaign brain trust. Trust me, the brains on display are a house of horrors. And the ship is sinking! The rats are turning on each other.

Who will ever want to employ these folks ever again? I suppose there is a certain fame that comes with running one of the worst Presidential campaigns ever. But not the good kind of fame.

There are some classic quotes in the article. Creepy Trump insiders dissing other Creepy Trump insiders. Hilarious!

There's this: 

“I view her as an enabler,” one Trump campaign official told me. “Right now, post-debate, I guarantee you there’s a fucking Kool-Aid cooler the size of a fucking wheat silo that they’re all drinking from. I guarantee you, because none of them can accept the blame for what they failed to do.”

And this: 

"The end for Lewandowski came when Manafort and Kushner allied against him. “When Manafort was brought on, Corey and Manafort basically went head to head,” the Trump campaign official said. “Jared, the son-in-law, who is a snaky little motherfucker, a horrible human being, hated Corey, so Jared sided with Paul to get rid of Corey.”

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