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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why Did We Choose Not to Copy Our DNA?

Childfree! Who knew we were living like Shakers, Cathars, Skoptsy, and Manichaeans? What does it take to be a childfree couple? 

Why would a pair of biological/genetic entities choose to not copy their DNA and pass it on to future generations?

Is it a great act of foresight? Or selfishness? Or pessimism? Don't know. It just worked out that way. Probably a little bit of luck (good or bad is up to you), and blind determination too.

Lots of our friends are childfree too. Many of them are "creators" - artists of all types. Is that a thing, a phenomena? A choice or a circumstance. Fortuitous, or tragic?

Childfree does open space in our lives for other things. We fill that space with other stuff. 

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