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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Occupy Wall Street is An Open Source Protest!

I think John Robb nails it:  Occupy Wall Street is an Open Source Protest!   It is clear our "democracy" has been hi-jacked by the financial sector.  So yes, the protest is staged at the source of power.  And this power center is a cesspool of  corruption and is not accountable to the people.

And the protest itself is leaderless, and amorphous, and constantly evolving.  This is a source of strength, not weakness for the movement.  And just where is it moving?  Well, since it's "open source" my suggestion would be major re-distribution of wealth.

We need a thriving middle class!  We need to take care of the poor!

Maybe this is the beginning... of something... big...

And as I understand it, it was the "Culture-Jammers" @ Ad Busters who initially cooked this up!  Cool!  They are calling on the 99% of us who have been left behind by the "swimming- in - fithly - lucre" 1 % -ters! 

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