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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flesh and Blood Rules

Yes, I like the digital/virtual world.  There is an amazing wealth of entertainment and information at our fingertips today.  Still, I also still love some of the old stuff.  I still buy CDs, I still play vinyl, still like to use the old turntable.  

I love the "tangibility" of stuff.  

This tangible world is the world we truly live in, the virtual/digital world is a vast illusory realm that is very, very seductive and all-consuming.  And it is not the real world, it is a hyper-world, maybe it sometimes looks better, more alluring, and more exciting than the real thing, but it's not, it's a flashy trick!

It is a representation.  Not the real flesh and blood thing.  Which we do have to try to remember.  We are all so obsessed with our computer monitors, our TVs, our video screens, our smart-phones, all of our faux digital communities, it's easy to forget that the analog world of flesh and blood, of people and the dirty streets, of shit and blood, and all the stuff that you can touch, stuff that gets old, that gets dirty, that breaks and falls apart is our real, real world.

So yes, this old guitar, these old boots, this beat-up old coat, this weathered face, these creaky old bones, these old friends, all these flesh and blood folks we meet, or walk past everyday on the street; the places and things we can touch, the air we breathe, these are the things of our life, they make up the analog world that we truly live in.  Virtual/digital is nice.  But it's a dream-world full of promise and pretty lies too.

Funny, but sometimes you have to remind yourself that flesh and blood rules.

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