Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy and Crazy

Two assumptions that will work in your favor...

1.  "The World," - I'm talking about the collective consciousness of those billions of people walking around on the planet, the ones with the big heads, the ones with big dreams, the ones with all those fears and insecurities, the ones with those large brains filled with god knows what, are totally bat-shit crazy.  

They may talk a big game about logic, and rationality and level-headed-ness, but it's basically all a show.

2.  This goes for you too.  You are part of this crazy-ass club of crazies.  You may talk a big game, but basically you are putting on a show too.  Your irrationality underlies everything, every decision, every action.  

So crazy world, crazy you.  And just how do these two assumptions work in your favor?  Silly question!  I mean, crazy, man!  Make sense out of that, or not, and have a good life!

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