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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Drive By Truckers - Unsung Heroes

I hear tell the Drive By Truckers have a new disc on the way. I love this little band from Alabama. I saw them awhile back at the Vic in Chicago. One of the best rock and roll shows I've ever seen. Three great singer/songwriters and three great guitar players. A superb band. I've loved them ever since "Southern Rock Opera" a true American classic - George Wallace, Bear Bryant and Ronnie Van Zandt from Lynard Skynard all figure in the saga. Think southern gothic, steeped in whiskey and busted dreams. And then there's the saving grace of rock and roll, filtered through cranked up amps, served up with no frills and all heart.

Here's a nice little video featuring one of their songs.

"I got green and I got blues..."

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