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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

If I had a Million

A Yo Lo Tengo song is going round in my head this morning...'you can have it all.' I think it's true. Another vacation day. There is a real pleasure living by my own clock. If I had a million, my days wouldn't be all that different. I started editing 'Goodbar,' yesterday, I rough cut two scenes (eleven more to go). Editing requires, patience, organization, discipline -- not my strengths, so it's probably really good for me to 'work' on my weaknesses. I read in the paper this morning: 'we need to overcome ourselves, so that we can defeat our opponents.'

I'm jumping back and forth reading about Charles Laughton and the Buddha. I find that by focusing on one individual, all aspects of the world revolve and converge. This too is a lesson.

Ideas about a new play are swirling around in my head. I've got to get them down on paper (actually in the computer) but there's a pleasure in letting the ideas and words swirl around without committing to them just yet. Think I'll go get another cup of coffee, then lace up my 'trail runners' and go for a long, lonely run on the lakefront. Wonder what the water and sky will tell me today?

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