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Monday, December 06, 2004

'Blow the Rose'

I'm swimming in Declan Donnellan's 'The Actor and the Target.' As an actor's manual, I'm not sure how useful it really is, but as a general 'eye-opener,' it succeeds. The book 'explodes,' all kinds of preconceptions about identity, character, history, etc. It asks us to pay attention to the targets outside our 'bubble of energy,' and it reminds us that all the targets are moving targets. This is creative destruction, it is liberating, and reminds us of the mystery of everyday life. All blocks, all 'stuckness,' comes from the dead way we frame key questions.

Donnellan on history: 'All history lies, but some lies destroy more than others. History has nothing to do with the past. History is how we perceive previous events now. History is only a series of re-inventions. There is nothing as unpredictable as the past.'

Donnellan's world is filled with infinite possibility, life is a dialogue between the live, ever-changing Actor (that's us folks) and the live, ever-changing target (the phenomena of the world). What a mysterious, creative, exciting, unknowable world to live in.

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