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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Went to Michael Moore's 'Farenheit 911' last night. All shows on Friday sold out. Can't say I went in with an open mind, wore my 'Late Show' hat with 'Bush Evil Doer' pin attached.

The movie is convincing and 'true,' and shows that the 'war on terrorism' is a war of fear unleashed on the American people. The Bush Cabal driven by two of the seven deadly sins, greed and pride. Poor men and women from USA, fight battles against the poor of the world. Why Iraq? Oil = MONEY. So simple.

Bush's constituency: 'the haves and the have mores.' USA is not only addicted to free flow of oil, but to rampant, unbridled greed. The average Joes, the poor people, just kind of get in the way.

Moore is wealthy too. His saving grace is that he identifies with the underdog, the poor, working classes. Class warfare. Feed the poor they call you a saint, ask why people are poor, they call you a commie.

There are laughs, primarily at Bush's inarticulate arrogance. Does the laughter let the audience 'off the hook'? The last word: Neil Young's blistering version of 'Rocking in the Free World.'

Can art transform us? Can recognizing our flawed, humble, humanity save us?

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