WWSP's "The Alternate Boot!"

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Very creaky this morning. It's amazing how a little variation in my routine can throw me off.

Notes from a Road Warrior: The long miles to Detroit cleared the cobwebs from my head. A nice Korean-made car: Sonata. Smooth ride, great music on the cd player, sunny, hot, humid, weather.

Lunched at the 'Cracker Barrel.' Tiptoed around the heavy American cuisine. 'A chef salad, hold the meat, hold the croutons.' Stayed at a Holiday Inn near the airport. Strange mannequins in the lobby. What is the meaning? Clean, antiseptic, white-bread corporate culture.

Downtown Detroit, big, ugly, concrete: one big parking garage, an in-between, nether zone. Where's the 'main event?'

Sensor show: technology evolving in thousands of directions. What new world are we making?

Long ride back: Beatles music carried me in an exuberant haze. Three dead deer on the side of the highway. Strange, twisted creatures. They are so otherworldly. Silent, soft, magical bodies, meet a cold auto-reality. Every dead creature an accusation, a diminishment. There but for the grace of god go I?

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