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Vote Blue 2020

Friday, May 28, 2004

My public blog spot has gone missing. Still posting anyway...

I have this compulsion to write. Not complete unless I'm constructing sentences, paragraphs.

Living with two little birds. They are strange creatures. Delicate, ornery. I am always in a flurry, trying to make them content. They seem to be easily bored.

They love peas. Nothing like a cockatiel in a 'pea frenzy.' Green remnants stuck to their beaks. When they are unhappy, little squawks chirps and squeels. I'm always moving them, placing them in different rooms, on a door, in a windowsill.

Sometimes they get adventurous, waddle around the apartment. They look comical as they go. They are 'kings' of the roost. Also, they are jumpy, anxious, always anticipating a predator around the corner.

Little slices of energy, ready to take flight at the hint of a shadow. Shadows are everywhere.

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