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Friday, December 07, 2018

We Need A Miracle to Save Our Little Blue Planet!

I am basically an optimist. Don't exactly know why. I was born in a supportive environment, grew up a happy little boy, lived in my own private little bubble in my key formative years; my fellow human beings and the long slog of history (one damn thing after another), haven't totally snuffed out that basic optimism and happiness.

On the other hand: We Need A Climate Miracle! Don't call it "Climate Change," call it Climate Catastrophe, or Burning Up the Planet, or Destroying Our Habitat, or Frying our Ecosystem, or Killing Life Support as We Know it on Our Beautiful Little Blue Planet.

Are we the crazy, rapacious, greedy, uppity-monkeys enamored with our own brilliance who would destroy our own habitable little Blue Planet just for $? I suppose the question is it's own answer...

"As Chris Hayes has pointed out, there’s about $20 trillion worth of fossil fuels still left in the ground right now. Knowing what you know about human nature, what are the odds that anyone is going to leave all that money there? About zero, right? Hayes compares it to the $10 trillion economic value of slaves in the South on the eve of the Civil War, and points out that this is why the South would never, ever voluntarily give up chattel slavery. It took four years of the bloodiest war in history to finally force their hand."

Yeah, $20 trillion worth of fossil fuels. We are the kind of crazy, rapacious, greedy beings who would do all they can to extract every last drop/dollar. Damn the children. Damn the future. Damn the Planet. Damn the air, the water, the soil. Damn the torpedoes. 

So yes, what to do? Pray for a miracle? 

"So what’s the answer, aside from frying the planet? That’s simple: we need a miracle. And we should be spending vast sums of money to get one."

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