Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Blagojevich Phase...

Robert Mueller's Endgame May Be In Sight...

I do think we have entered the Blagojevich phase of our national nightmare, our slow-motion, car-crashing, constitutional crisis. You know, we have reached that point in the saga where we have a really corrupt and supremely dumb, hair-challenged person committing crimes, while under investigation for being really corrupt, supremely dumb and hair-challenged, and committing crimes! The blatant, audacious, over the top, in-real-time, stupidity is pretty ridiculous, awe-inspiring and mind-numbing. Amazing shit.

I do think whatever our supremely stupid and corrupt hair-challenged President does going forward only sinks him deeper in a slimy pit of crime and stupidity. He can't help himself. He knows no other way. And he's such a big, dolt, a complete & total fool, that he thinks he can bluff and huff and puff his way out of it all.  So funny. Really. To witness Karma in action, it is an amazing, awe-inspiring thing to behold. Lots more action to come. Stay tuned Folks!

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