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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A Shady Bit of Chaos!

Hurtling towards a major crisis. 

Yes, indeed. You can feel it in the air. Political. Financial. Social. Cultural. Environmental. Forces are converging. Bills are coming due. We must all pay the Piper. The Piper is calling the tune, and just what is the tune? "A Shady Bit of Chaos." It's in the air. Walls crumbling. Boundaries breached. Minds blown. Worlds crashing. I can't exactly see how all this rolls out, but it's coming. I can feel it!

A Reckoning, or maybe better a "Wreck-Oning!" A major cataclysm, a Grand Fuckup. Sort of like a planet-wide car crash. Justice? Lots of folks will get what they deserve, but it will be hard to discern if Justice has been served. Too many casualties, too much collateral damage. There will be many innocents swept up in this maelstrom.  Of course, none of us are really, existentially, innocent, even the innocents possess the human stain. We are all to be held to account. Holy, Holy, Fuck!

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