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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Teachers & Teaching

Teachers. And teaching. This post made me put on my thinking cap. Over my life I've had a handful of influential teachers. It wasn't about mastering a topic, it really was about inspiration. Learning how to learn.

I can think of three teachers who really made me excited about writing, and spurred me on to write. And to read. Two of them were writers themselves. They shared their writing with me. Made me think that we were on the same road together. They inspired me and challenged me, and read my work with real enthusiasm.

I had one guitar teacher who taught me very basic music theory and notation. But this was a young man who looked like George Harrison and played a Gretsch Country Gentleman. He just exuded cool. I learned enough to plunk along, but was inspired to acquire that same coolness factor.

I took some acting classes. Had one great acting teacher. She always called me and my partner "rock stars." She didn't say much about my acting. Lot's of silences and long looks. Her best advice about acting: "You have to really, really, really want to do it."

Meditation. I learned Transcendental Meditation and "psychic" meditation from a few different teachers. I learned the basic tools. The how to. It was a total revelation on all levels. I still use my "mantra" that I acquired in the 70's, but it was the "psychic" version of meditation that I picked up in 2000 that totally transformed my life.

"Creative Visualization."  Not sure if I have successfully transformed the world, but the technique has transformed me.

I also remember that contingent of Nuns in grade school. They taught me guilt, and pain, and fear. And I learned how to read. And acquired the love of reading. Maybe as a tool to flee the guilt, the pain, the fear. So I guess I owe a "thank you" to those scary old penguins too.

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