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Monday, August 17, 2015

Abbie Fest 27 - Day 3 - The Stuff of Myths & Legends

Still wearing my yellow performer's wristband from the Abbie Fest this morning. A little reluctant to take it off. There is a rumor that this 27th year of the Abbie Fest could be the last one. I choose not to believe it.

As Rich Cotovsky, as Abbie, always tells us, "the myth looms larger than the reality." And I choose to live with the myth. And myths never die. They live as long as there are people to pass them on.

So yes, we spent a good portion of the afternoon & evening at the 3rd day of Abbie Fest as "the audience." And there were glorious, mythical happenings all around us.

We saw a man eat fire, walk on glass and pass 150,000 volts of electricity through his body to light up a fluorescent tube. We saw another young man defy gravity and juggle bowling pins. We watched three large nubile women totally command a room, conjuring laughs and tears - messing with our heads with tales of alcoholism, suicide and disease.

We saw a young man become a wizard, time-travel, have sex in a laundry room, and take a cupcake, which he splattered on his forehead, and declare it "semen!" We watched a stage-full of young enthusiastic comedians blow up all our preconceptions about what's funny and what's not funny.

We were entertained by the human spirit in it's many bodily forms - old, young, hairless, fat, lithe, beautiful, interesting. We were dazzled. Exhausted. It was sublime and absurd. Funny and tragic. The stuff of myths and legends.

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