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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Animates Us!

Yes, no doubt there's "psychic energy."  Energy of the soul or the mind. Our days, our lives are a shadow-play of these energies. And everything we hold in the mind, or body; every thought, every emotion, every desire, contains, generates and transmits this energy.

Anything we focus on takes energy.  The positive, the negative.  And it's happening all the time, every moment.  The shadow-play is just as consuming and "real" as anything else.  Sometimes we forget. But this energy of the mind, of the soul, is what animates us.

And the seeds of the positive energy is contained in the negative, and the seeds of the negative energy is contained in the positive. They live and interact together, as one. We carry both, and navigate through the stream of life with these polarities raging away inside us! Deal!

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