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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Addiction - A Quest To Be Filled Up!

Addiction. Yes, I do think we are addicts of one thing or another. All of us. It's actually related to our need for meaning in our lives. We want to be filled up. With something. Anything. Some of us choose drugs, or food, or wacky ideas, religion, spirituality, or shopping, or pop culture, or any freaking cheap thrill you can name.

Some of us are addicted to motion. To activity. Anything that can fill us up. We are afraid of being hollow. Empty. Bored. And that hollowness, that emptiness, that boring nature is voracious. Always needs to be filled, always needs distraction, always needs filling.

Addiction - yes, a search for meaning. Even, and especially in meaningless things. And some of our choices just feed the lack and increase the need. The addiction increases need for addiction. 

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