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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Social Media

I have a small toe-hold in this vast social media landscape.  And I'm a little ambivalent about it all. I do think the real action is in the flesh and blood world. And this mirror-world is a dazzling diversion from, and abstraction of, that real world. But it is all so vast, there is so much "life" out on the web. It's seductive, and all-consuming.  It has become almost an obligation to "check in." Of course, you can be selective, you can "pick and choose" what to pay attention to, but paying attention is time, and time is an exhaustible resource.  Of course, time doesn't really exist on the web. Time is ever-expanding; past, present, and the future, (or no, maybe Johnny Lydon was right, "there is no future," only the ever-expanding present), is there all the freaking time.  It's all a very grand illusion. Sometimes you think it's a magnificent illusion. And sometimes you think it's a very destructive and malevolent illusion. It's just another way of killing one's own autonomy and integrity.  All part of the business of demeaning the validity of one's own existence.

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