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Vote Blue 2020

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mirror or Projector?

You wonder if you are just mirroring the world around you. Or whether you are projecting your internal condition upon the world.

And how would you know for sure?

So when things seems to be spinning out of control, when it seems no one has a clue, when it appears that most people are living under false assumptions, or when you conclude that the people with any kind of power are deluded or malevolent, when it seems like human beings have kind of run out the string of this little planet and are in deep denial about the results of all their "needing, wanting and grasping," are you just a sensitive and observant human being seeing the world as it is, or are you a self-obsessed human being, seeing only your own reflection in everything around you?

Hard to know for sure, huh?

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