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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle!

Shouldn't we all be thumping copies of Darwin's "Origin of Species" instead of that musty old book full of balderdash and brimstone?

I do believe Darwin's majestic opus explains a hell of a lot more about our world and what's shaking.

That other old volume, a compendium of fables and bloodshed, and miracles and malarky has been used to great effect to beat down "unbelievers", women, heretics, Jews, Gays, colored peoples, etc.

One book actually joins us together in a great mosaic of life. It tells us that everything living is a brother to every other living thing, microbe, amoeba, plant, animal, human. It may be a little humbling for some of us, but doesn't it elevate us all?

The other one tells us we are bad, bad, bad. And we're gonna burn in a cauldron of fire, unless we get down pray for forgiveness. And then it promises us another land of angels and cherry blossoms. It all kind of sounds kind of wildly implausible...

Anyway, here's to the Great Charles Darwin. Happy 200th birthday!


  1. The other book has a lot more pages though. Gotta give it props for length. There's also a part 2 to the old one. I think it's called the new one. Besides, there's a story in there about a chick turning into a pillar of salt! It doesn't get better than having your wife turn into a mineral.

  2. god - good points all. plus i do like that party devil who turns water into wine, raises dead people, walks on water, etc. although i guess it doesn't turn out so well for him in the end. although, then again there is an epilogue where the dude wakes up in place far from here and he joins up with his mom and dad and well, it turns out it was all just a dream! jesus!


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