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Monday, April 16, 2007

Waves of Euphoria

Writing about meditation is kind of like writing about sex, I mean, it's a very hermetic, personal thing, kind of hard to convey the totality of the experience, I mean, bascially all I can really say is, you should of been there. Yesterday the Lovely Carla and I ventured out and attended a group meditation at Invision. It's something we do once in awhile. Eventhough, we are both dedicated meditators on our own, we find that sometimes we need to "recharge" our batteries, and sitting in a room with a group of other meditators all sitting in silent, focused awareness, guided by Ken Jones (he serves as the co-pilot on this particular trip), can be an event of incredible, ineffable, power.

So anyway, I don't know if it was the coffee, the music mix I had been listening to (Lucinda Williams, Sigur Ros and Tom Verlaine), the sunshine, the position of the sun, moon and stars, or...whatever, but I came to the session, relaxed, open and alive. I had one of the most profound meditations I've ever experienced. It's strange to write about it, I mean it's kind of like having a very profound dream and then trying to explain it to someone else. Something (probably the most important thing) gets lost in the telling.

I mean, this "telling" seems like an impossible task, so why even bother? Plus, there's the thought that maybe writing or talking about this special thing actually diminishes it?

I don't know, I feel compelled to write it down. WAVES OF EUPHORIA washed over me. I sat in meditation for an hour and the waves just totally washed over me. It's the greatest feeling in the world. If only I could bottle that feeling, that experience. I mean, probably there's some biological explanation, that euphoria was a burst of endorphins flooding into my body, whatever. The feeling was just amazing. I did not want it to end. All the way home, I tried to be still, to let the euphoria reside in me. It slowly ebbed away, although, even this morning, all my senses seem to be heightened, I feel more alive than I have in quite awhile.

So I can't explain it, I can't hold onto it, not sure I can even recreate it...but I have glimpsed it...I know it's there...and that changes everything.

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