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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eye in the Sky

This line has been going through my head this morning: we re-make the world with every blink of an eye.

We truly are in a dialogue with the universe. If we weren't here to observe it, would the universe just be an undifferentiated oneness?

It's kind of spooky and strange to think that in one sense (at least) the universe would not be here if we weren't here to observe it. I mean, I guess there'd be something here if we weren't, I mean, we can imagine a universe without an observer, but without the observer, what really do you have?

Without imagination, what would you have?

Space, time, number, language, causality. We made these things. We apply them to the world. Sometimes they fit, sometimes not. We get to decide. Or not. It's a heavy responsibilty we have, don't you think?

We make the world with every blink of an eye...

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