New Day. New Era. New America.

New Day. New Era. New America.
America Renewed!

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Words of Wisdom...

If my older self (me now) was giving advice to my younger self (me then), what would I say?

My hard-earned words of wisdom...

1. Do the hard things first. No sense putting things off. What is the hard thing you don't want to do? Do it. Do it first, when you have energy. Do it now. Get it over with. 
2. Do one thing at a time. Do not multi-task. It's a loser's game. Do one thing. Do it well. Concentrate. Focus. One thing now. Then move onto the next thing.
3. Do your chores. You can make doing chores a game. Make doing chores fun. Mopping the floor? Put on your favorite rock and roll CD on the box and rock out.
4. Learn how to type. This is a skill you will use often. Learn how to type without having to look down at the keyboard. It's amazing. You can do it. You can master it. Your fingers will fly over the keyboard. You will type amazing things. Really.
5. Reading. Learn to love to read. Totally empowering. Totally enriching. A superpower. It will transform your life. Builds character. Broadens your mind. Feeds your imagination and soul.
6. Meditate. Learn how to meditate. Doesn't matter what kind of meditation. TM, ZEN, Creative Visualization, Mantra. Sit quietly and breathe. Deeply. Do it every day. Make it a ritual. Find the calm center. The center of your being is a safe place. It is liberating.
7. Find the things you love to do. Do them. Lose yourself in the things you love to do. Doesn't really matter what those things are, as long as they are healthy, fun, life-affirming activities. Those are easy to find.
8. Choose your poisons carefully. I am thinking especially of drugging and drinking. Be super-careful. I'm not saying don't indulge, but just know that this is an incredibly slippery slope. The best indulgences: coffee, chocolate, frozen yogurt. Remember, fun isn't always what it's cracked up to be. You will find that clear consciousness and total clarity can be an incredibly rewarding high. 
9. Every step counts. Actually, not only every step, everything counts. Take care. Be humble. Understand that the world is a complicated place, and you don't know what you don't know. 
10. Laugh more. Fret less. You know, kind of like that Bobby McFerrin song: "Don't worry, be happy." Even though there is a Universe of worries,  and you will find yourself worrying, don't take it all so personally. Make the best of it. Laugh often. Really.  I mean it.

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