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Friday, February 21, 2020

An Unattractive Species.

Yes. You do lots of reading, lots of "seeing & waiting," one grand theme seems to carry over from day to day, person to person, government to government, country to country, era to era.

There are those in power vs. those out of power. There are the rich vs the poor. The haves vs. the have nots. The oppressors vs. the oppressed. Those who create suffering vs. those who suffer.

The divisions fall along standard lines: biology, religion, class, sex, geography, social mores. It's kind of an ugly story. Human Beings at war, always, with other Human Beings.

We look to the skies for help. We invent Gods, and other realms where we hope things will be sorted out for us. "Pie in the Sky When We Die."

Standard, musty textbook stuff. Cliches. Do humans really have to live like this? Do we really all need to play this same game over and over and over? Do we really need to live thru these cliches? Seems the answer, at least at our very, very Human Level, is YES, WE DO!

It kind of pisses you off. The hatred, the uncaring, the suffering, the power trips that are played out over and over. We are an unattractive species. Very unattractive.

You get older and you think this suffering is just built in. That is what it means to be Human. You can and you will suffer. And if you are waiting for Justice, or Truth to prevail,  don't hold your breath, you will just turn blue.

Fuck it. Right? "There will be blood." There will be injustice. The strong will pummel the weak, just because they can. You will be pissed off. Supremely pissed off. Get used to it.

The a.m. soundtrack - Sinead O'Connor's "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got." (1990). The record starts with the Serenity Prayer, which is hilarious, because, of course, Sinead is super-pissed off across most of the tracks. She is praying for Serenity, but she is feeling really pissed off. What is she pissed off about? Church, Government, Men; the Powerful who are always, crushing, stifling and silencing the Powerless. A gorgeous, powerful, overwhelming record. A major artist statement. Artful. An uncommonly beautiful voice, full of heart and emotion. Fierce. Angry. Self-righteous. Political (goddamn Maggie Thatcher). Includes a great cover of a Prince song. Sinead wears all of her emotions on her sleeve. Dares you to knock them off. Puts me in mind of John Lennon. Another fierce artist who always led with his heart and chin. No holds barred. Nothing held back. Sinead pours blood across these tracks. It's a record for the downtrodden, the sufferers, for the oppressed, for the pissed off. It is liberating. ANGER IS AN ENERGY! Don't fucking forget. Never fucking forget. There is a mad, hopeless hoping in the act of fierce-caring...

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