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Monday, February 18, 2019

Truth is Our Life-Boat!


We are truth-seekers.
from an early age,
we, as children,
watched adults,
we listened to their
words, and then,
we watched their

We always saw
the truth, we always
knew the truth,
we were little

We always saw the lies.
We learned to lie too.

Lying was so adult.
That was part of
growing up.

Why lie? It's a strategy.
For living.
Lots of pretty lies
we tell to others
and ourselves.

We live in this adult
world of lying.


We thirst for the truth.
We seek the truth.
We grow tired of all the lying.

A confusing sea of lies.
Truth is sometimes the simple path.

We look to the truth-tellers.
They stand out like sore-thumbs.
Tiny life-boats in the churning sea.

Truth is our life-boat too.
Turns out we can stand the truth.
The truth really will set us free.

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