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Friday, June 22, 2018

An Unfolding Horror Story...

We are at the 8th Stage, 10 Stages to Genocide...

The Trump Administration is carrying out Crimes Against Humanity. There are reports of drugging, shackling, beating of children. Children are being transported across the land with no chance of ever seeing their families again.

Yes, this "border separation policy," is an abomination. An unspeakable horror. Children are being taken from their families and there is no process for returning/reuniting them. The latest PR moves by the President are just cheap, cynical theater.  This is a horror story. It is still unfolding. We must not stand for this. This is Genocide carried out in our names.

Kevin Sieff Latin American Correspondent for the Washington Post tells us: "It is shockingly difficult for immigration attorneys to locate children separated from their parents at the border. Today I spoke to lawyers who represent more than 400 parents. They've located two children."

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