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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Life. Death. So. What?!

Under seige. Under "serious, persistent attack." 

If you engage with the world, and you should, sometimes you will find yourself feeling assaulted by the things of the world.

You know, you take things way too personally. You start thinking the world is all about you. And it will feel like that, that you, yourself, are the instrument of your particular perceptions of the world, everything flows within you and without you. (Didn't George Harrison write the song?). 

And it's true. You will be right. It does. But the world isn't about you. You may be about the world. But, you shouldn't take anything too personally. Or seriously. Even though every thing is a serious business. You need to take things a bit more lightly, easily.

Try to care, but not too much. Try to engage, but not too much. Try to stay interested, alive, aware, but not too much.

Don't be so damn sensitive. Most of the world, the universe and the things in it, don't really even know you exist. You are not the center thing. You are not the most important thing. Not even close. Hell, you may not even be the most important thing to yourself either. (Although much of time you may think you and your survival are everything...)

So yes, you feel all these things. You know things in your heart, your soul, you take everything in... but also you must let it all go. Breathe deeply. Exhale. Let it all go. It's OK. Not so important. 

Yes. Life. Death. So. What?!

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