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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

That's a Good One...

What does life teach us?  That's a good one... I think as you get older you get to decide what kind of relationship you want with life.  Everyone gets to decide on their own.  Of course, Life has a say in the matter too.  We call that fate, destiny, luck, accident...

Lately I've been in a very philosophical frame of mind.  A "love of wisdom," indeed.  Not sure if I actually possess wisdom.  Most of what I think of as wisdom has been borrowed from the sages and ages.

"Life is suffering."  That's the Buddha.  And if you love life, then you love suffering.  And if you really could love suffering, I guess you'd beat the game at it's own game.  Not sure if that's even possible.

But what if you could accept pain, suffering, depression, death, loneliness, etc. as conditions just as inevitable as joy, love, happiness, transcendence? All of these conditions are temporary.  Aye there's the rub...

"All things must pass."  (George Harrison by way of the Bhagavad Gita).

That could be liberating.  Really.  If you can really integrate that knowledge deep inside your being.  Everything is temporary.  So you could think: this pain is temporary; this suffering won't last, this joy will dissipate, this feeling of transcendence will disappear.  And something else will take it's place.  And that fine. That's life.  And we get to experience everything... enjoy the experience... enjoy the pain, enjoy the loneliness, enjoy the ability to feel suffering... don't cling, something else will come your way soon... guaranteed! 

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