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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WWSP Live in Chicago

WWSP's fabulous bass player, Sara, parked a video camera in the audience at our Puppet Bike show last Friday. She captured our performance and posted some video over on YouTube. I snagged my two favorites and post them here for your enjoyment. Both clips feature Sara on bass, Carla on vocals (see also furry boots), and me on guitar, (check out the silly hat).

WWSP is fortunate to have a great fan and collaborator Charles Smith who also makes an appearance (steals the show?). Check out Charles' amazing, super-kinetic interpretive dance performance. Charles is an exotic soul who has fallen in love with our band. He comes to most shows and we really love having him perform with us too.

I thought we were kind of ragged, but I think this sounds pretty good. Not the same polished performances as on our digital download, (check out "This Car Available" on iTunes!), but a nice raw energy if I don't say so myself. I think Sara and I are really starting to get a nice alchemy of energy going to back up the constantly inspiring Miss Carla.

Here's "Dead Pecker Bench" (watch Sara do a knee bend and kick her legs in the air at the end - it's cool):

And here's our closer, "Salty Son." I think by this time Charles was getting a little winded, but still, he is amazing! I wish I could do that!

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  1. When are you guys playing live in LA? This is awesome!!


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