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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Buddhism filtered through the Trappist Monk, Thomas Merton... 'the goal of a life is to go from innocence to experience, and back to innocence once again.'

Experience means: sin, diappointment, failure. Innocence means: no bitterness, no regret, no guilt.

Marlon Brando has died. Strangely, no emotion when I heard the news. He was 80 years old, he made 'old bones,' one can't ask for more.

I did not know the man, only the work --- one role, one movie changed my perception of the world --- Paul in 'Last Tango in Paris.' Paul was an ex-boxer, ex-bongo player, the role seemed the closest to the man: intelligent, funny, full of life, smouldering, in pain, fully human, all the flaws close to the surface.

The movie: stylish, beautiful, primal -- exploring sex, lonliness, death. Strangely exhilarating, liberating, tragic. I think it was the last time (1973) Brando totally exposed himself for his art.

In his later years, Brando became a reclusive, fat, Buddha Baby. Graceful, silly. He seemed to give up his sexuality and in the process he became an impossibly large, dainty old woman; strangely beautiful and sad.

When death came knocking at his door, did Brando send an Indian in his place to collect his statuette?

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